What Is Motor Neurone Disease?

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Motor neurone disease s a progressive neurological disease that causes many of your brain’s neurones and connections to suddenly degenerate. These essential neurones are extremely important to the overall functions of your brain and body. When you develop this disease, a bunch of your body functions will progressively deteriorate. You will find it harder to speak, chew, and generally, control your muscles. Neurons are important because they can help you consciously control your muscles. And because of the deterioration of your neurons, you will find that your muscles become weaker and harder to control.

There are no exact known causes of motor neurone disease. Some people just suddenly develop this disease because of a lot of different factors. This neurological problem can be caused by a lot of factors. Motor neurone disease can be caused because of a hereditary condition. Around 1 in 10 or 10% of people who suffer from the motor neurone disease have got other family members who have the same neurological disease as well. So if you have got a family relation that has got this neurological disease, you should get yourself check, because you may be at risk of this disease.

Other theories about why people develop motor neurone disease include factors such as environmental pollutants, viral problems, and a whole load of other kinds of factors. These factors are not really proven to have caused motor neurone disease. So there are not any known causes to why motor neurone disease occurs in some people
What Are Its Symptoms?

There are certain symptoms that you can watch out for if you are worried about the development of motor neurone disease. You should watch out for these symptoms in case you could develop some kind of neurological problems. The earlier that you spot and treat a neurological disease, the easier it will also be to manage the various problems caused by motor neuron disease. So here are a few things to watch out for about motor neuron disease.

  1. You are overly tired – Fatigue is one symptom that seems innocuous at first. However, the more occasions that you feel tired then it could be a sign that you have got motor neurone disease.
  2. Your muscles become weaker – Your muscles will become weaker as the motor neurone disease becomes more pronounced. The disease will slowly kill off a lot of your neurones, which could make your muscles weaker overall.
  3. Your arms and legs are harder to move – Motor neurone disease also makes your legs and arms harder to move as well. This is because it can make your muscles in those body parts harder to move.
  4. Your sleep becomes slurred – Slurring of speech is a definite sign that you have got some kind of a neurological disease. As certain neurone connections become degraded, your speech becomes affected

These are just only a few of the symptoms of motor neuron disease. At the very beginning of the onset of this motor neuron disease, you will hardly ever notice these symptoms. And as the neurological disease progresses, these symptoms could get worse. So you should try to deal with these symptoms early on by going to a doctor or taking vitamin supplements.

What Can You Do About Motor Neurone Disease

While there are no known causes of motor neurone disease, there are a bunch of things that you can do in order to prevent the onset of motor neurone disease. For example, taking vitamin supplements such as Melatonin and Vitamin D will enable you to deal with the symptoms and problems of motor neurone disease. This is definitely going to help you deal or even help prevent motor neurone disease.


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